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The Future of Rap

There’s a new rap king on the rise and his name is K1NG ZOE. Hailing from Miami, Florida, the lyricist is making waves with his debut single “FEEL1NG AMAZ1NG” as his powerful lyrics bring feel good music back to its essence.

“My music is inspirational and it is very relatable. As people sing the lyrics to my songs, they have so much passion because it’s not just a good hook and a fire beat. It’s their life story! I say the things that people want to express, but aren’t sure how others will view them after it’s been said. Everybody wants to be the “toughest gangsta” in a lot of rap songs today but my music explores the importance of being human, making mistakes, and learning from them to turn mistakes into income.”

Big Arie

Queen of Miami R&B

Emerging artist, Big Arie is an artist you want to make sure you begin tuning into. This young artist is on a mission to inspire others through her music. With her soulful lyrics and bubbly personality, we completely fell in love and had to get to know her upon the release of her upcoming EP! Tune into our exclusive interview with Big Arie as she dishes all the details on her latest music projects.

"The reason I would say my love for R&B is so strong is because it helped me get through a lot. Its been like therapy for me. I love being able to write music and express myself. I’ve been able to use R&B as a tool to get over the things that I have been through in life. R&B has been there for me to help me."